What We Do

From our solar-powered, multi-warehouse headquarters in Moorebank, we design, manufacture and ship to companies all over the world.

3D Design and Concepts
Using a first-class CAD system, our product designers use 3D printing capabilities to create completely tailored, practical and marketable prototype in front of your eyes exactly to your ideal specifications. We know that good packaging can be the difference between the success or failure of a new product in the market – so we’re committed to getting you up and running with ease from day one.

Packaging Manufacturing & Sourcing

Our multi-warehouse HQ houses a number of state-of-the-art packaging and thermoforming machines that run 24-hours a day. Whether it be trays, clamshells, or paperboard packaging solutions, feel confident and assured that we can have them to you on budget, on time and to national food safety standards. Even if you are on a tight schedule.

Pre-Made Packaging

Don’t need a custom-made design, or have a huge order? Reach out to our nationwide distributor network to source and discuss our off-the-shelf range. We offer a number of packaging options at competitive prices with no minimum order quantity requirements.

Packaging made from recycled materials (held to Australian Food Standards) and manufactured in a partially solar-powered warehouse. All employees are trained in the Tacca HACCP Management System.

We are proud signatories to the National Packaging Covenant. The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) is a co-regulatory, not-for-profit organisation that partners with government and industry to reduce the harmful impact of packaging on the Australian environment.

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