Our Process

From first idea, to getting your first prototype in your hands, all the way to seeing a whole batch straight to shelves, this is our process.


The beginning of our journey always begins with an idea. Sometimes, if it’s something completely new – we’ll prototype a 3D design concept using our custom, in-house 3D printers. Other times, we may have a mould from past orders we can use, or we can build on. Either way, we’ll work with you to customise a sustainable solution.



Once we’ve got your tick of approval on our concept or solution, we will get to creating samples. Upon approval of our sample, an order will then be placed, and the production team will then get to work to create and manufacture your product. With the capability to source and produce on home soil or overseas, we’re able to tailor a cost-effective and timely solution that’s dependent on what you need.


Quality and the considerations of a circular economy will always be at the forefront of what we do. Which is why each and every single product of ours will go through extensive quality-control measures through our state-of-the-art packaging and thermoforming machines, where each product is hand packaged and checked before it is distributed to its final destination.


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